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nonton film Pee Nak 3 (2022)
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1  Hours  50  Minutes

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nonton film Pee Nak 3 (2022) sub indo When Odd, the stingy young sorcerer of Wat Thammanakhanimit Dig up an ancient gold anklet. In a World War I tomb and took it in hand This caused Odd to be cursed by a strange bracelet that caused him to have snake-like scales on his body and began to spread longitudinally around his body. The larger the scales, the more severe the illness. Along with conjuring Phi Nak, the owner of this pair of bracelets with scales like what Odd was. Go out and hunt for a rampant reclaiming this cursed bracelet. Two best friends with Balloon and First Two mischievous shemales, manager of a Korean idol group, Mr. Master, a popular Korean idol, Saiboon, and Pampam, a Korean YouTuber Jomsa who came to make a travel program in Thailand. have to work together to drive around the Northeast along the Mekong River To find out the legend and how to clear the curse of this pair of ancient bracelets. Before Odd died because of the curse or being killed by the ghost of Phi Nak before. nonton film Thailand Movies

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