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nonton film Revenge Girl (2022)
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Audio Ringkasan: Indonesia
Subtitle: NO
1  Hours  24  Minutes

Ringkasan : Revenge Girl (2022)

nonton film Revenge Girl (2022) Full HD In the future world, AI has been developed far and wide. An underground scientific research organization controlled by Cheng Fei secretly developed an interface chip to stimulate human potential. In an effort to produce a special group of people to seek riches acquired illicitly But then an accident happened. Cheng Fei issued an order to eliminate all subjects. “Qian He”‘s mother died as a result. And the young Qian He escaped. Ten years later, Qianhe had to live alone with his grandmother in the underground river, where the good and the bad mingled. Qianhe was always thinking about what had happened back then. but because there is no clue So I couldn’t find where the underground organization was at that time. And then the unexpected happened. An underground organization’s chip burial had fled to the Underground River. causing Qian He to inadvertently be in danger. And Qian He had also found the clues of the Underground Organization from this incident. The endangered Qianhe didn’t want to let her special abilities erupt during this critical time. nonton movie 2022 film China nonton film online gratis

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