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Release Year Tahun Rilis :
Audio Ringkasan: English
Subtitle: Indonesia
1  Hours  22  Minutes

Ringkasan : Subdue the Devil (2022)

Nonton Film Subdue the Devil (2022) Genre Action, Drama, Fantasy Nonton Film Gratis Sutradara Zhou Tian Yu Bintang film Yu He, Danny Chan Kwok Kwan, Tang Ben, Jerry Liau, Wu Da Ke Nonton Film Streaming Movie Subdue the Devil 1 Synopsis Zhou Chu, a young man with supernatural powers, is stubborn and rebellious, always end up doing bad things with good intentions, and is regarded as a deviant by the people of Wu County. One night, in order to save the children outside the city, Zhou Chu killed the white tiger demon, but unexpectedly led the Tiger King to attack the Wu County. In the battle with the Tiger King, Zhou Chu was seriously injured.  Nonton Film Gratis Subdue the Devil 2022Full Movie Sub Indo BLU 720p 1080p

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