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nonton film The Exorcism of God (2022)
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nonton film The Exorcism of God (2022) Full HD Father Peter Williams, American exorcist possessed by a demon which he tried to drive away from the girl and made him forced to do the worst. Eighteen years later Peter tries to keep his guilt under a charity for the poor and children in a small town in Mexico. Peter finds that the devil has returned. This time, a young woman named Esperanza was possessed. and besides It has also caused serious illnesses among the children in the city. But his real purpose was something else: to possess Peter’s soul. in expulsion of Esperanza Peter had to confess his sins, but if he did, he would condemn himself not only for the fate of the boycott. but also had to sacrifice his faith, his home, his soul and the opportunity to save the people he cares the most. film baru 2022 Drama Horror Movie 2022

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