Nonton Film The King of Sniper in Northeast (2022) Online Gratis Sub Indo

noton film The King of Sniper in Northeast (2022)
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Audio Ringkasan: Indonesia
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1  Hours  27  Minutes

Ringkasan : The King of Sniper in Northeast (2022)

nonton film The King of Sniper in Northeast (2022) Full HD It tells the story of 1931, after the events of September 18, Ren Tianxing, a gunman who did not listen to the leaders of the Japanese Resistance. Causing the forces that were ambushing the Japanese army to die smoothly. Ren Tianxing was seriously injured. But he was helped by a bandit. Five years later, Ren Tianxing lived in a village in the forest. Alcohol and gambling addiction Accidentally met with his former comrade Bai Ge. to protect Bai Ge He decided to join the underground assassination organization. and takes part in the assassination of Japanese virologist Ichirou Sakamoto, who is protecting Ichirou Sakamoto, coincidentally being his antagonist, Kazuya Zorima. Chi” to protect his comrades. Ren Tianxing killed Ichirou. Sakamoto succeeded on his own. However, only Rentiansing, Baige, and the three Jiaos survived. Kazuya Sorimachi was provoked. In order to lure Ren Tianxing to appear, he ordered the people to massacre the villagers. Only a thief named Lao Si sent the news to Ren Tianxing. Therefore, he made an appointment to come to Khao Hu Ya to fight to know the black and red. Seeing the tragic state of the Bandit Cave after being attacked by the Japanese army He felt very sad. So decided to defeat Kazuya Sorimachi, but there are many enemies. And how will everyone’s destiny be? nonton film HD film baru 2022

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