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Audio Ringkasan: Indonesia
Subtitle: NO
2  Hours  05  Minutes

Ringkasan : Yaksha Ruthless Operations (2022)

nonton film Yaksha Ruthless Operations (2022) Full HD Kangin in the silent battlefield of a spy in the center of Asia Kangin, director of a foreign national intelligence agency. Lead his black team along with best spies on secret missions. Kangin is famous for taking ruthless measures to get what he wants. This earned him the nickname “Yaksha”, a human-eating spirit. One day, Ji-hoon arrives as a prosecutor to investigate the Black Team, and even without knowing He finds that their true mission involves a case that could shake an entire continent. Soon, Kangin must use all his resources, even Ji Hoon, to find a way to delve deeper into the case. nonton film online gratis nonton film lengkap gratis nonton film online terbaru 2022

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